Black Label Bullion

Welcome to Black Label Bullion!

The store will likely open again soon with some changes.  I will be away much of the summer, and into fall, and will be pouring less than usual for a while, however, I am planning to launch some live auction sales when I return, offering a bunch of metal, pre poured, and ready to go.  

If you're shopping in store, please be patient, store orders will be fulfilled when they can, and delivery dates are not given on orders placed.   

Rest assured, silver and or gold will be procured with your funds, it is only the timeline to produce that will be slow.  Metals are ordered, stored, and used when i come to the project. 

If you're after something wild, something full custom, please get in touch, I will be taking on very few custom projects on over the next months.   

I am absolutely thrilled with these wolverine paw prints!  Thank you Rob.

Absolutely thrilled!

Mail call from Robert Zeiler - these bars are amazing... beautiful pour lines on the bottom and rustic hammered dimples on the sides.  Nicely Patina'ed...  great work!

These bars are amazing!!

Bought a beautiful handmade piece from this pourer, awesome communication and incredibly easy to deal with, highly recommend this pourer.  

Highly recommend

My wife gave (it) to me for our wedding a week ago... the work is amazing, I was blown away when I saw it.  From what I am told he is a pleasure to (do) business with!

I was blown away when I saw it