Black label bullion

If you’ve found your way here, you’re looking for something a little different for your silver stack.  Welcome to Black Label Bullion.  A Canadian craft silver handpour shop located in Red Deer Alberta catering all of North America and beyond.  

Black Label Bullion makes craft style silver and gold bars, rounds, and art pours, most of which begin with a polymer clay sculpture I carve by hand.  

Upcoming themes include prospecting, trapping, cattle ranching, bootlegging, and more, all of which have a ton of history in my family and will make for some really cool stuff.  Alongside these themes, also watch for the Wasteland.  The Wasteland is a new lineup of post apocalyptic pieces focusing on the world after WWIII.  

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Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for dropping in!

I am absolutely thrilled with these wolverine paw prints!  Thank you Rob.

Absolutely thrilled!

Mail call from Robert Zeiler - these bars are amazing... beautiful pour lines on the bottom and rustic hammered dimples on the sides.  Nicely Patina'ed...  great work!

These bars are amazing!!

Bought a beautiful handmade piece from this pourer, awesome communication and incredibly easy to deal with, highly recommend this pourer.  

Highly recommend

My wife gave (it) to me for our wedding a week ago... the work is amazing, I was blown away when I saw it.  From what I am told he is a pleasure to (do) business with!

I was blown away when I saw it