Black label bullion

Black Label Bullion offers poured silver and gold art pours, bars and rounds. Custom 1/1’s and limited mintage custom orders.  

Most of my work begins with a hand sculpted clay model, and most of my work is inspired by the Canadian wilderness.  

Black Label Bullion now accepts visa, MasterCard, and debit as well as the usual PayPal goods and services.  There are some nice surprises in your cart now, with automatic discounts based on various factors like cart size and product chosen etc.  Go ahead, build a cart ajd you'll see.  

Delivery times are heading towards 2 weeks in the shop, with the exception of a custom shop order.   

Once again, my pours came out fantastic for a reasonable price. Great communication, and fast shipping. I definitely will be doing more business with him in the future.

my pours came out fantastic

I am in the US, seller is in Canada - first cross border purchase and absolutely flawless. This user is friendly, responsive and follows through. Items were packed in vacuum sealed plastic to protect them, then wrapped in bubble wrap and taped up securely. Highly recommend picking up some of this great silver art.

Absolutely flawless

Bought a beautiful handmade piece from this pourer, awesome communication and incredibly easy to deal with, highly recommend this pourer.  

Highly recommend

Very simple design, but a truly artistic quality to it.  Not every design works well with sandcast in my opinion but the simple nature of this works.  (On goldfish round) 

“A truly artistic quality to it”

Black Label Bullion sells Online and ships throughout North America.  

I also offer shipping throughout North America, and will be adding other countries as time goes on. 

Location and hours

Red Deer Alberta.

Business hours 

Monday — Friday

9 a.m.—5 p.m.


9 a.m.— 12 p.m.



Rob Zeiler

Head pourer and designer / artist.

Welcome to Black Label Bullion.  I'm Rob, the broken brain behind all this, and with the help of my Dad and my partner Josh, we Handpour bullion rounds, bars, and custom pours of all kinds.    Located in Alberta Canada, I offer two sides to the shop, the store side, and the custom Shop. 

Store side items we are trying to get to around 2 weeks from order date untik the piece goes out.  On the custom side, clay models must be made for most work, and your wait can easily be weeks and into months.  

You can also come to Black Labek Bullion for custom mintages of bars, rounds, and some 3d pieces, as well as for custom clays, ready for you to cast or to keep as sculptures, give as gifts, or enamel and paint with the kids.  

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the shop, talk soon.